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Skype Feng Shui Advanced Course Feng Shui Architecture
The course is not open to all, and is specific to those who are familiar or has done advanced courses on these subjects.
The purpose of the course is to bring the participant to a level of expert consultant.
For this reason, the course is structured with a greater focus on procedure and preparation of consultancy project.

There will also be new themes with advanced techniques, but the heart of the course will focus on more practical cases of participants, workshops and specific discussions about the application of knowledge.

In every meeting, the teacher will explain in detail one or more project work.

User Comments
Hello Pierfrancesco Ros, I take this opportunity to express my satisfaction for the content and the manner of communication about the Skipe course I have just concluded with Parancola Stefano, who has shown me great professionalism, communication skills, understanding, and flexibility. Stephen D.

The course is divided into 2 modules, each approximately 8 hours each
Each module consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours each approximately
The entire course consists of 16 hours of 8 private sessions
The start time of the sessions are from time to time be determined together with the rapporteur to meet the various needs.

Investment 1000 Usd