ZOOM FENG SHUI ARCHITECTURE COURSES SPONSORED FROM IFBIH, INTERNATIONAL FENG SHUI & BAZI INSTITUTE OF HONG KONG. Email us we will send you the contact to do an initial interview free of charge for see how you will conduct the lessons, through sharing of video.



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Feng Shui Architecture

courses of Feng Shui Architecture
in English and Spanish.
Welcome to Feng Shui Architecture courses with a trainer via Zoom.
The purpose of these courses is to give all the essential theoretical and practical knowledge, in order to became a Feng Shui Architecture consultant.
The participant will be led to the acquisition of the matter with a professional trainer from the comfort of his home.
The teacher will explain in detail every single school or method with design examples and projections detailed. During the course there will be moments of practice on the principles and methods.
The courses will be from 1 to a maximum of 3 participants connected online at the same time

It will explain various techniques for a sensitive and holistic design approach, especially in the areas of landscaping, urban planning, construction, plant engineering, distribution and furnishing until the single object of design.

The purpose of the course

Is to train the operator to Feng Shui Architecture consultant, through workshops and exercises, which will lead to the acquisition of a non-conventional design in terms of composition and distribution.
Thanks to the knowledge of Architecture Feng Shui, you can get to the heart of energy reason for the success and harmony of a company, shop or family reality

For beginning it is advisable to start from the Professional Course of Feng Shui Architecture, to arrive later if you wish to Advanced Course of Feng Shui Architecture
Once finished the Advanced course you can take the exam to be registered on the international register.

Get a first interview is free. You will know the Master trainer that will show you the course and the material you are going to know.

If you want to deepen
If you want investigate specific issues, there are now more Master courses as the Feng Shui Furniture, the Harmonics Gardens, Geobiology, Color, Physiognomy, Ba Zi and more.

Now begins from the introduction to get into these fascinating topic.

At the end of each course will be made an oral examination to ensure that the knowledge has been learned in the best way.
After which you will get a certificate of participation.

Pierfrancesco Ros
Feng shui MASTER 73° Generation

Stefano Parancola
Feng shui MASTER 73° Generation




The Zhong He Luopan by Pierfrancesco Ros

Explanation and guide to the Luopan for Consulting

If interested write to us at info@fengshui-italia.com 

Online course on Luopan